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If you are reading this, you probably love color and art just like we do! Our mission has always been to brighten the world with great art and and get people more excited to workout, run or race. The best way to do that, for us, is to put great art on on quality, handcrafted athletic apparel. How do we know if we are succeeding in our mission? The highest compliment is customers sending in photos of their collections!



What we didn't expect was how our clothing would help people connect. A favorite of marathon runners, we have customers that have forged great friendships just because they both wore INB to the same race. So many men tell us they have never had people tell them, "Great shirt!", until they started wearing INKnBURN. Our denim shorts, capris, tights and pants look so real, you will get people asking you if you are really working out in jeans! And, most of all, wearing something that makes you light up and shows confidence, helps you connect with other like-minded people that appreciate art, color and the meaning behind it. 




The Dry I.C.E. Fabric we use for all our clothes, wicks away moisture, keeping you cool, dry and it won't show sweat! Our unique process colors the actual fibers of the fabric so it will still breathe and performs like it should without fading. It has a silky, light feel so you can forget about your gear and focus on your goal. We've been designing our own art, cutting the fabric, printing the art, applying it to each panel, sewing with our super soft threads and shipping our apparel out now since 2010!




Our clothes are great for running and a favorite for people who run marathons, trails and ultras. (We make sure all our styles are comfortable for ultra distances, anything longer than 26.2 miles. We have many people wear our clothes for 100 mile races where you are typically running for 24 hours!

Sandy Vi set the new Women's World Record for the fastest crossing of the US on foot wearing INKnBURN! (She ran 3,127 miles averaging 57 miles a day for 54 days straight!) 

While we got our start making apparel that was comfortable for running extreme distance, we now have fans who wear our clothes for yoga, spin, cross fit, triathlons, swimming, zumba, rock climbing, roller derbies, soccer, horseback riding, mud runs (they wash up great!) and your everyday strength training at the gym. If something is that comfortable for working out, you can also wear it for almost anything else.

Our shirts are great for a pop of color under a blazer at work. INKnBURN has been to court and worn under surgical scrubs! Our pants, tights and capris are perfect for travel. They pack light, don't wrinkle, are super comfy for long flights and easy to rinse out and wear again. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!

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